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Winged Super Challenge Finale On Tap August 13

Winged Super Challenge Finale On Tap August 13

Shea Concrete presents the $6,000 to win, $1,200 to start Oswego Winged Super Challenge finale featuring the Winged Supermodifieds and 350's.

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Bond Parks Terry Strong Tribute 99 in Victory Lane for Third Mr. SBS Title


Oswego Speedway

Bond Parks Terry Strong Tribute 99 in Victory Lane for Third Mr. SBS Title

OSWEGO, NY (July 23, 2022) - Driving the re-numbered Four Sevens Motorsports No, 99, Hall of Famer Mike Bond made his first appearance of the season at Oswego Speedway this past weekend and parked a Terry Strong tribute car in victory lane to walk away with the third Mr. SBS title of his career.
Bond started way back in 12th and put on a show, coming from deep in the field to pass a host of drivers, including championship leader Dan Kapuscinski, to spoil Dan’s ongoing streak of five wins in the last six races for the 45th victory of his career.

“Denise wanted to bring the car out for Terry so we decided to go ahead and do it,” Bond said after receiving the $1,500 check. “Danny K gave me a good workout on the restart. I couldn’t get that outside to work so I just had to stay on the bottom. I have to thank Denise for giving me everything I want with this car, my wife, my brother, Mike DeCare, Chip Wood, Larry VonHoltz, Ronzo from Millennium Music for helping us out, and everyone else that has supported us over the years.”

Bond needed only 9 laps to take the lead, with Kapuscinski giving chase the entire way to finish second. The points leader had a shot at the win on a restart with 16 to go, but the top two banged wheels, and Bond held on at the point.
“Mike is the GOAT, he’s the best of all-time. It’s like 46 wins for the guy now and I’m glad he’s back,” mentioned Kapuscinski. “For those who don’t know, Mike and Debbie have been helping me out, he’s been working on my car all season so I’m just happy to get to race with him. Before the last caution we were kind of closing in a little bit and I thought I might have been able to get him on the outside, but we came together on the front stretch and then the car was just too free at the end, but all in all a really good day for the 23.”

Settling for third was Noah Ratcliff, who recovered from an earlier jingle for what was a remarkable sixth podium finish of the season for the sophomore driver.

“The spin up in three kind of hurt us quite a bit, but the car was hooked up after that and we’re up here now,” stated Ratcliff. “I just wish it would have went a little differently. That’s racing though. My right front rotor started coming apart the last couple laps or so, so I was kind of hanging on for dear life, but thankfully it held together. I honestly don’t know what I’ve got to do to move up a couple spots. (Joking) maybe if those guys got a couple flat tires or something I would have got to them. I’ve got to thank all my sponsors Jake’s Automotive, Total Fire Protection, Dave’s Equipment Center, my Mom, my brother, my sister, my Uncle Darren, Drew, Will, Mike, and everyone that helps out at the shop.”

Andrew Schartner and Greg O’Connor finished with fine runs in the top five while Tony Pisa, and rookies Rob Wirth, Tony DeStevens, Jude Parker, and Jordan Sullivan completed the top ten.

Oswego Speedway is off this Saturday, July 30, but will return to action on August 6 when JP Jewelers and Burke’s Do It Best Home Center present ‘Retro Night’ at the races featuring the Novelis Supermodifieds, Pathfinder Bank SBS, and the second appearance of the season by the Sunoco New York Super Stocks.

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C’s Beverage Center presents $1,500 to win Mr. Pathfinder Bank SBS 35
Saturday, July 23, 2022
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, NY

Feature (35-laps): 1. 99 MIKE BOND, 2. 23 Dan Kapuscinski, 3. 73 Noah Ratcliff, 4. 18 Andrew Schartner, 5. 90 Greg O’Connor, 6. 89 Tony Pisa, 7. 04 ® Rob Wirth, 8. 24 ® Tony DeStevens, 9. ® 00 Jude Parker, 10. 2 ® Jordan Sullivan, 11. 88 Brad Haynes, 12. 14 Brian Sobus, 13. 37 Jesse Bearup, 14. 62 ® DJ Shuman, 15. 49 Josh Wallace, 16. 9 Griffin Miller, 17. 27 ® Jon Carson, 18. 66 Darrick Hilton, 19. 22 ® Ryan Gunther, 20. 77 Cameron Rowe, 21. 86 Bryan Haynes

Heat 1 (10-laps): 1. 23 Dan Kapuscinski, 2. 73 Noah Ratcliff, 3. 90 Greg O’Connor, 4. 62 ® DJ Shuman, 5. 66 Darrick Hilton, 6. 86 Bryan Haynes, 7. 14 Mark Denny Jr.

Heat 2 (10-laps): 1. 99 Mike Bond, 2. 04 ® Rob Wirth, 3. 89 Tony Pisa, 4. 18 Andrew Schartner, 5. 27 ® Jon Carson, 6. 49 Josh Wallace, 7. 9 Griffin Miller

Heat 3 (10-laps): 1. 37 Jesse Bearup, 2. 77 Cameron Rowe, 3. 00 ® Jude Parker, 4. 88 Brad Haynes, 5. 24 ® Tony DeStevens, 6. 2 ® Jordan Sullivan, 7. 22 ® Ryan Gunther

Group Time Trials: 1. 99 Mike Bond - 18.582, 2. 23 Dan Kapuscinski - 18.677, 3. 37 Jesse Bearup - 18.839, 4. 73 Noah Ratcliff - 18.845, 5. 89 Tony Pisa - 18.948, 6. 77 Cameron Rowe - 18.970, 7. 90 Greg O’Connor - 19.002, 8. 04 ® Rob Wirth - 19.024, 9. 00 ® Jude Parker - 19.061, 10. 62 ® DJ Shuman - 19.195, 11. 18 Andrew Schartner - 19.336, 12. 88 Brad Haynes - 19.393, 13. 66 Darrick Hilton - 19.426, 14. 9 Griffin Miller - 19.440, 15. 24 ® Tony DeStevens - 19.576, 16. 86 Bryan Haynes - 19.676, 17. 49 Josh Wallace - 19.917, 18. 2 ® Jordan Sullivan - 19.920, 19. 14 Mark Denny Jr. - 19.920, 20. 27 ® Jon Carson - 20.066, 21. 22 ® Ryan Gunther - 20.325

J&S Paving / Jake’s Automotive / D&S Landscaping Hard Charger ($125): #99 Mike Bond

J&S Paving / Jake’s Automotive Third Place Finisher ($100): #37 Jesse Bearup

Lighthouse Lanes Up & Comer: #73 Noah Ratcliff

White’s Car Care 4th Place Finisher: #73 Noah Ratcliff

Submitted By: CAMDEN PROUD

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