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2-Day Super Spectacle July 19 & 20

2-Day Super Spectacle July 19 & 20

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Zych Wins Marvin Rifchin Memorial, Trainor Takes NEMA Lite Classic Main


Oswego Speedway

Zych Wins Marvin Rifchin Memorial, Trainor Takes NEMA Lite Classic Main


OSWEGO, NY (September 6, 2021) - This past Saturday, the Northeastern Midget Association rolled into the Oswego Speedway for the first time in nearly eight years. The wheel-to-wheel action of the midgets did not disappoint, topping speeds of over 135MPH at “The Big O.”

John Zych triumphed after an intense battle with Matt O’Brien, and Jake Trainor came through the field to take down the NEMA Lites victory in thrilling fashion with three laps remaining in the feature event.

In the Lites feature, Joey Bailey jumped out into an early lead in the Scrivani 21. Bailey won the heat race event earlier in the day in convincing fashion. It appeared as if Bailey would take down his first even NEMA Lites feature win, but behind him, points leader Trainor was pouncing through the field in the Seymour 29.

As the laps wound down, Trainor was reeling in Bailey, and with six laps to go, was on his bumper. Trainor would look low, and make the pass on Bailey, and go on to take down the victory.

Chase Locke returned to the Lites in the Seymour 1 car, to finish a very impressive third place on the podium. PJ Stergios, Mike Pernesiglio, Avery Stoehr, Richie Coy, Randy Cabral, Kyle Valeri, and Mike Netishen rounded out the top ten.

In the NEMA event, long-time club veteran Matt O’Brien led the field to the green with Mike Horn in the A1. O’Brien, who had taken down his first-ever heat race victory earlier in the day, would jump out into the lead and solidly in command over the first five circuits.

Further back, Zych had come from the fifth spot into second by lap three.Zych began hunting down O’Brien, while Nathan Byrd in the Bertrand 17 ran third.

As the trio approached lapped traffic, Zych reeled in O’Brien, and Todd Bertrand in the #47 passed Byrd for third.

With five laps to go, Zych made his bid for the lead and passed O’Brien on the bottom. Bertrand would pass O’Brien on the next lap.
As the laps wound down, Bertrand would get within 3 car lengths of Zych, but could not muster up enough ground.

Zych took down the victory over Bertrand, Randy Cabral, Avery Stoehr, O’Brien, Byrd, Mike Horn, Jake Trainor, Doug Cleveland, and Eric Bacon

Budweiser Classic Week 65
Classic Saturday
NEMA Midgets Marvin Rifchin Memorial and NEMA Lites
Saturday, September 4, 2021
Oswego Speedway
Oswego, NY

Marvin Rifhin Memorial NEMA Feature (25-laps): 1. 9 JOHN ZYCH, 2. 47 Todd Bertrand, 3 74 Randy Cabral, 4. 39 Avery Stoehr, 5. 16 Matt O’Brien, 6. 17 Nathan Byrd, 7. A1 Mike Horn, 8. 8T Jake Trainor, 9. 87 Doug Cleveland, 10. 16B Eric Bacon, 11. 26 Jeff Champagne, 12. 19 Richie Coy, 13. 28 Mike Pernesiglio, 14. 21 Joey Bailey, 15. 11 PJ Stregios

NEMA Lite Feature (20-laps): 1. 29 JAKE TRAINOR, 2. 21 Joey Bailey, 3. 1 Chase Locke, 4. 11 PJ Stergios, 5. 28 Mike Pernesiglio, 6. 94 Avery Stoehr, 7. 19 Richie Coy, 8. 35 Randy Cabral, 9. 17 Kyle Valeri, 10. 26 Mike Netishen, 11. 16 Eric Bacon, 12. 3 Chris Vose

NEMA Heat 1 (8-laps): 1. 16 Matt O'Brien, 2. A1 Mike Horn, 3. 17 Nathan Byrd, 4. 47 Todd Bertrand, 5. 74 Randy Cabral, 6. 9 John Zych, 7. 87 Doug Cleveland, 8. 8T Jake Trainor, 9. 39 Avery Stoehr

NEMA Lite Heat 1 (8-laps): 1. 1 Chase Locke 2. 28 Mike Pernisiglio, 3. 11 PJ Stergios, 4. 17 Kyle Valeri, 5. 19 Richie Coy, 6. 3 Chris Vose

NEMA Lite Heat 2 (8-laps): 1. 21 Joey Bailey, 2. 29 Jake Trainor, 3. 35 Randy Cabral, 4. 94 Avery Stoehr, 5. 16 Eric Bacon, 6. 26 Mike Netishen

Submitted By: CAMDEN PROUD

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