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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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All-Time Super Stock Top 5 Finishes Top 25 ONLY (1999-2006):

As of September 2017

1Joe Miller34
Bill Moore24
3Dave Bock23
4Kelly Miller23
5Bruce Stanton23
6Bobby Newman22
7Carl Crawford21
8Lou LeVea Sr.19
9Rick Ziegler18
10Doug Reaume17
11Jason Spaulding16
12Tony White15
13Dwayne LeMay14
14Dave Fetterly13
15Chris Lupa12
16 Frank Reakes9
17Steve Denner6
18Rich Palmer5
19Joe Skillinski5
20Jim Cieri4
21Erik Cappernall4
22Bill Hebing4
23Todd Smith4
24Eric Connors4
25 Scott Dinzler4


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