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Saturday, May 26, 2018

All-Time Oswego Speedway Premier Division Track Champions (1951-1961), All-Time Supermodified Track Champions (1962-2017):


1951Bob Kegebein - Dirt Modified
1952Jack Murphy - A Modified
1953Nolan Swift - A Modified
1954Nolan Swift - A Modified
1955Dick Jerrett, Sr. - A Modified
1956Nolan Swift - A Modified
1957Ed Bellinger, Sr. - A Modified
1958Nolan Swift - A Modified
1959Ed Bellinger, Sr. - A Modified
1960Ed Bellinger, Sr. - A Modified
1961Nolan Swift - A Modified
1962Art Bennett
1963Dave Paul
1964Nolan Swift
1965Ron Lux
1966Nolan Swift
1967Jim Shampine
1968Todd Gibson
1969Ken Andrews
1970Jim Shampine
1971Nolan Swift
1972Jim Shampine
1973Jim Shampine
1974Jim Shampine
1975Ron Wallace
1976Jim Shampine
1977Kempton Dates
1978Warren Coniam
1979Jim Shampine
1980Warren Coniam
1981Doug Heveron
1982Doug Heveron
1983Bentley Warren
1984Bentley Warren
1985Steve Gioia, Jr.
1986Bentley Warren
1987Bentley Warren
1988Eddie Bellinger, Jr.
1989Bentley Warren
1990Bentley Warren
1991Mike Ordway
1992Pat Abold
1993Bentley Warren
1994Doug Didero
1995Doug Didero
1996Doug Didero
1997Mike Muldoon
1998Mike Muldoon
1999Mike Muldoon
2000Greg Furlong
2001Greg Furlong
2002Shawn Muldoon
2003Joe Gosek
2004Tim Gareau
2005Greg Furlong
2006Otto Sitterly
2007Greg Furlong
2008Otto Sitterly
2009Otto Sitterly
2010Otto Sitterly
2011Joe Gosek
2012Otto Sitterly
2013Otto Sitterly
2014Otto Sitterly
2015Bobby Bond
2016Michael Barnes
2017Dave Shullick Jr. 



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