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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
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All-Time Small Block / Limited Supermodified Classic Champions (1992-2017):

1992Daryl Nichols
1993Scott Landers
1994Fred Taylor
1995Bob Goutermout
1996Dean Hoag
1997Jeremy Unruh
1998Russ Brown
1999Shawn Muldoon
2000Billy Izyk
2001Craig Rayvals
2002Gregg Davis
2003Mike Bond
2004Mike Bond
2005Russ Brown
2006Russ Brown
2007Dave Cliff
2008Dave Cliff
2009Mike Bond
2010Steve Abt
2011Andrew Schartner
2012Cameron Rowe
2013Andrew Schartner
2014JJ Andrews
2015Bryan Haynes
2016Mike Bond
2017Mike Bond


All-Time Small Block / Limited Supermodified Classic Champions by Races Won (1992-2017): 

1Mike Bond5
2Russ Brown3
3Dave Cliff2
4Andrew Schartner2
5Daryl Nichols1
6Scott Landers1
7Fred Taylor1
8Bob Goutermout1
9Dean Hoag1
10Jeremy Unruh1
11Shawn Mildoon1
12Billy Izyk1
13Craig Rayvals1
14Gregg Davis1
15Steve Abt1
16Cameron Rowe1
17JJ Andrews1
18Bryan Haynes1


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