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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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OSWEGO, NY (June 25, 2013) – Six weeks into the ‘Road to the Championship’ for the Pathfinder Bank SBS, a total of 31 different drivers have scored points in what has become one of the most competitive fields in recent memory.  

After a half dozen races, the top twenty drivers in the current championship standings sit behind the wheel of either a Hedger Racing Chassis or an FFB Chassis, with the Hedger gang currently holding the front five positions in the title hunt.

Throughout the years, and especially in recent history, the Hedger Chassis and FFB Chassis have become the prominent racecars in the SBS division at Oswego Speedway.

Currently of the top twenty drivers in the standings, twelve are sporting an FFB Chassis, while eight pilot a machine built by Hedger.

In what has turned into a storied chassis rivalry, Hedger currently holds the edge with Russ Brown, defending champion Kreig Heroth, two-time feature winner Dalton Doyle, Tony White Memorial winner Jason Simmons, and JJ Andrews leading the way in the yearlong race for the title.

Brown has yet to win a feature event behind the wheel of the No. 13 but does hold a 13-point advantage on Heroth in the standings.  With four top five finishes so far this season, Brown leads the way in the category, coupled with a total of five top ten finishes in six starts.  Eyeing a record breaking fifth SBS championship at Oswego Speedway, Brown looks to continue to hold court not only over his FFB combatants, but also his Hedger team members.

Heroth is moving through 2013 much the same as 2012, slow and steady.  The only driver with a top ten finish in every feature event this season, Heroth has just one top five, coming in the year’s most recent event on June 15.  With two qualifying heat race wins on the season in the Won4Racing No. 04, Heroth is likely sitting right where he wants to be heading into the summer stretch run of the season.

Catapulting to third in the standings with two consecutive main event wins is the driver of the No. 01, Dalton Doyle.  Doyle inherited the lead of the June 1 make-up main run on June 15 after Anthony Losurdo and Josh Kerr tangled, giving him a clear path to victory just one week after leading every lap to earn his first career win on June 8.  The former Oswego Kartway pilot holds a 10-point edge on the other Hedger Chassis driver to reach victory lane this season, Jason Simmons.  

After several years of trying, Simmons finally reached Oswego victory lane back on May 25 in the Tony White Memorial. With a feature win, two top five finishes, and four top ten runs, Simmons is the next Hedger in line riding fourth in the point standings currently 31-markers out of the championship lead.

Trailing Simmons by only three points is his Team Tapout Racing teammate JJ Andrews in the No. 93.  A longtime pilot of Hedger racecars, Andrews rounds out the manufacture’s top five stranglehold with a total of three top five finishes to start the year.  Consecutive podium finishes in the month of June has Andrews in prime position to continue his climb toward the top of the standings.

The sixth position is where the first FFB Chassis can be found, as Mike Bond saw a recent free fall in the standings after a rough evening on June 15 driving the Four Sevens Motorsports No. 74.  Riding as high as second in the standings this season, Bond had rear end issues with his machine in the second feature two weeks ago, resulting in a dismal 24th place finish.  Now, despite two top five finishes and four top ten runs, Bond sits four points out of the top five and a total of 38-points behind Brown.

Another FFB Chassis trails Bond in seventh with Rob Pullen only four points back in the No. 2.  Pullen has the most top five finishes of any FFB racer with three, but has failed to finish in the top ten in the other three events this season.
Another Hedger driver in Andrew Schartner rides eighth overall with FFB’s Jon Tesoriero in ninth, and Hedger’s Jack Patrick in tenth.

Arguably the most consistent of the FFB regulars in 2013 has been Tesoriero in the No. 47.  Well on his way to most improved driver of the season, Tesoriero has five top ten finishes in six starts, more than any other driver in the FFB camp.  Coupled with two top five finishes on the year, only a lowly 20th place finish on June 15 has kept Tesoriero down in the standings.  In that event, Tesoriero climbed behind the wheel of the Dennis Rupert No. 99 in the eleventh hour, after the No. 47 was damaged beyond immediate repair in a heat racing incident.

With a total of eight races remaining, the Pathfinder Bank SBS ‘Road to the Championship’ is still wide open, with a list of unknowns ahead.  The battle for the championship will no doubt come down to the wire in one of the most competitive open-wheel divisions, anywhere in the country.

For more information on Oswego Speedway visit online at www.oswegospeedway.com, LIKE on Facebook at www.facebook.com/OswegoSpeedway, or FOLLOW on Twitter @OswegoSpeedway.  To speak with a Speedway representative call the box office at (315) 342-0646.

RJ Caruso Tax & Accounting/C’s Farm Market & Beverage Center ‘Road to the Champiosnship’ featuring a 50-lap Novelis Supermodified main event and a 30-lap Pathfinder Bank SBS feature.

Saturday, June 29.  Pit gates will open at 2pm, grandstand gates open at 4pm, hot laps begin at 4pm, with racing beginning at 6:30pm.

Oswego Speedway is located at 300 East Albany St. in Oswego, NY

Padded reserved seats $20, general admission $15, Pit Passes $30.  Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling (315) 342-0646.  Kids 16 and under are free with paid adult.  Price Chopper Tickets to Go are available for only $14.

Oswego Speedway – www.oswegospeedway.com
Twitter - @OswegoSpeedway
Facebook – facebook.com/OswegoSpeedway
YouTube – OswegoSpeedwayOnline
Live Updates can be seen on Twitter, Facebook, as well as the Oswego Speedway website

Oswego Speedway is a semi-banked 5/8 mile paved oval.  The non-wing Novelis Supermodified track record is held by Doug Didero with a time of 16.210 seconds at 138.786mph, established on September 5, 2009.  The wing Supermodified track record is 15.164 seconds, set by Lou Cicconi in May of 2013.

Hoosier/Sunoco/Corr-Pak SBS Driver's Standings              6-15-13
Pos    ##    Driver    Pts                   
1    13    Russ Brown        557                   
2    O4    Kreig Heroth        544                   
3    O1    Dalton Doyle        536    **              
4    98    Jason Simmons    526    *              
5    93    Jay Andrews        523                   
6    74    Mike Bond        519                   
7    2    Rob Pullen        515                   
8    18    Andrew Schartner    515                   
9    47    Jon Tesoriero     511                   
10    9    Jack Patrick        505                   
11    22    Mike Bruce         502                   
12    17    Tim Gareau        473                   
13    77    Cameron Rowe    459                   
14    24    A.J. Bernys        457    *              
15    67    Mark Castiglia    454    **              
16    14    Jeremy Pitcher (R)    450                   
17    1    Anthony Losurdo (R)421                   
18    8    Josh Kerr        404                   
19    57    Dan Abt (R)        390                   
20    76    Scott Shafer (R)    380                   
21    90    Greg O'Connor (R)    378                   
22    99    Dennis Rupert    365                   
23    19    Nathan Noto ®    353                   
24    O7    Justin Connell    326                   
25    44    Zach Amo (R)    249                   
26    6    Brian Sobus        162                   
27    27    David LaTulip        151                   
28    3    Chris Proud        135                   
29    32    Scott Black (R)    84                   
30    10    Josh Blackwell (R)    43                   
31    28    Stan Gates        40                   
          Butler Disposal Services ROOKIE OF THE YEAR               
     14    Jeremy Pitcher    450                   
     1    Anthony Losurdo    421                   
     57    Dan Abt        390                   
     76    Scott Shafer        380                   
     90    Greg O'Connor    378                   
     19    Nate Noto        353                   
     44    Zach Amo        249                   
     32    Scott Black        84                   
     10     Josh Blackwell    43

Pathfinder Bank SBS Top 5 Finishes                   
     13    Russ Brown    4                   
     2    Rob Pullen    3                   
     O1    Dalton Doyle    3                   
     93    JJ Andrews    3                   
     98    Jason Simmons    2                   
     47    Jon Tesoriero        2                   
     18    Andrew Schartner    2                   
     67    Mark Castiglia    2                   
     74    Mike Bond        2                   
     22    Mike Bruce        2                   
     24    AJ Bernys        1                   
     77    Cameron Rowe    1                   
     14    Jeremy Pitcher    1                   
     9    Jack Patrick        1                   
     O4    Kreig Heroth        1                   
     Pathfinder Bank SBS Top 10 Finishes                   
     O4    Kreig Heroth        6                   
     13    Russ Brown        5                   
     47    Jon Tesoriero        5                   
     74    Mike Bond        4                   
     9    Jack Patrick        4                   
     18    Andrew Schartner    4                   
     93    JJ Andrews        4                   
     98    Jason Simmons    4                   
     17    Tim Gareau        3                   
     14    Jeremy Pitcher    3                   
     2    Rob Pullen        3                   
     22    Mike Bruce        3                   
     O1    Dalton Doyle        3                   
     24    AJ Bernys        2                   
     67    Mark Castiglia    2                   
     77    Cameron Rowe    2                   
     76    Scott Shafer        1                   
     6    Brian Sobus        1                   
     27    David LaTulip        1    

Hoosier/Sunoco/Corr-Pak Driver's Standings              6-15-13
Pos    ##    Driver    Pts                   
1    99    Michael Barnes    399                   
2    7    Otto Sitterly        394    *              
3    OO    Joe Gosek        387                   
4    26    Shaun Gosselin    363                   
5    51    Michael Muldoon    348                   
6    50    David Gruel        344                   
7    35    Jeff Holbrook        340                   
8    52    Dave Danzer        324                   
9    O1    Dan Connors Jr.    319                   
10    21    Kody Graham        317    *              
11    22    Pat Lavery        312    *              
12    O2    Brandon Bellinger    311                   
13    5    Tim Devendorf    296                   
14    0    Tim Snyder        275                   
15    3    Brian Sweeney    269                   
16    60    Tim Jedrzejek    264                   
17    83    Lou Levea Jr        258                   
18    O7    Tony Steiner (R)    253                   
19    66    Lou Levea Sr.    226                   
20    37    Jeff Locke        207                   
21    23    Clayton Brewer III (R) 207                   
22    24    Jerry Curran        198                   
23    O6    Dave Cliff         195                   
24    55    Keith Shampine    194                   
25    56    Hal LaTulip        166                   
26    37    Randy Ritskes    141                   
27    6    Davey Hamilton    115    *              
28    O5    Jeff Abold        97                   
29    71    Bill Sharkey        80                   
30    82    Jared Bellinger (R)    63                   
          ROOKIE OF THE YEAR                        
     O7    Tony Steiner        253                   
     23    Clayton Brewer III    207                   
     82    Jared Bellinger    63

Novelis Supermodified Top 5 Finishes                   
     99    Michael Barnes    4                   
     7    Otto Sitterly        3                   
     52    Dave Danzer        2                   
     OO    Joe Gosek        2                   
     50    Dave Gruel        2                   
     26    Shaun Gosselin    2                   
     6    Davey Hamilton    1                   
     60    Tim Jedrzejek    1                   
     51    Michael Muldoon    1                   
     22    Pat Lavery        1                   
     21    Kody Graham        1                   
     Novelis Supermodified Top 10 Finishes              
     99    Michael Barnes    4                   
     51    Michael Muldoon    4                   
     OO    Joe Gosek        4                   
     35    Jeff Holbrook        4                   
     50    Dave Gruel        3                   
     26    Shaun Gosselin    3                   
     7    Otto Sitterly        3                   
     52    Dave Danzer        2                   
     60    Tim Jedrzejek    2                   
     5    Tim Devendorf    2                   
     O2    Brandon Bellinger    2                   
     O1    Dan Connors Jr.    2                   
     6    Davey Hamilton    1                   
     22    Pat Lavery        1                   
     21    Kody Graham        1                   
     O    Tim Snyder        1                   
     37    Randy Ritskes    1             

Saturday, July 6th – Days Inn/Knights Inn ‘Christmas in July’ presented by Toys for Tots featuring a 75-lap Novelis Supermodified main and a 35-lap Pathfinder Bank SBS feature.  Pits open at 2pm, grandstands at 4pm, racing at 6:30pm.  General admission seating $17, padded reserved seating $22, pit passes $30, VIP seating $75.  Price Chopper Tickets to Go will be available for only $14.

For more information on Oswego Speedway be sure to visit www.oswegospeedway.com.  You can also LIKE the (Official) Oswego Speedway page at facebook.com/OswegoSpeedway, or FOLLOW on Twitter @OswegoSpeedway.  To purchase tickets or order merchandise please call the Speedway box office at (315) 342-0646.

About Oswego Speedway: Oswego Speedway, a sports entertainment company, is a 5/8 mile semi-banked pavement racing oval located off the shores of Lake Ontario in scenic Oswego, NY. Oswego Speedway has been a continuously run weekly racing venue since August, 1951. The premier open-wheel pavement short track cars in the world, Supermodifieds, run weekly at Oswego Speedway making Oswego the only weekly Supermodified racing venue in the world. The Small Block Supermodifieds accompany the full blown Supers on a weekly Saturday night schedule which runs from May through September. Oswego Speedway is mentioned in racing circles as the “Indy of the East,” as no fewer than a dozen past and present competitors have competed at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway including Mario Andretti, arguably the greatest driver of all time, two-time Indy 500 champion Gordon Johncock, along with former International Classic Champions Bentley Warren, Joe Gosek, and Davey Hamilton.

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